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fALL 2023

Top 12 Mixed Case fALL 2023
Regular $184.88
SALE $129.99

This FALL wine sampler case is perfect for exploring a variety of wines that are perfect for the season. It includes twelve different bottles that are sure to delight your senses and pair well with the flavors of the season.  Our seasonal wine sampler is always a selection of some of the most interesting and exciting new wines in store.  We focus on family owned producers, most of which embrace sustainable, organic and biodynamic wine making.  Great value already, but we give OVER 20% OFF on this mixed case making it one of the best deals in the store!

Decoy Red.jpg

Decoy "Limited" Red Blend 2019

Napa Valley, Calfornia 

91 Points Wine Spectator

91 Points Wine Enthusiast: This harmonious blend offers complexity, a velvety texture and concentrated black-cherry and dark-chocolate flavors. Nuances of mint, toast and cedar accent the black fruits, bringing more interest as you keep sipping. It's moderate in tannins and full in body.

SALE $23.99 750ml | Regular $29.99

Si Mon Pere Savait.jpg

Bernard Magrez “Si mon pere savait”
Rouge (Carignan, Syrah and Grenache) 2019

Cotes du Roussillon, France

Titled "If My Father Only Knew," this wine pays homage to the
winemaker's father and represents a classic field blend from
Southern France. Hailing from the sun-drenched region of
Roussillon, it delivers a robust and juicy expression with
abundant flavors of cooked bramble, licorice, dried herbs, and

hints of toasty, nutty oak. This wine is a fantastic companion for
grilled or braised meats, making it a must-try for any


$15.99 750ml | $12.79 by the case

Case of 6 $76.74


Modero “8 Gocce” Rosso 2021

Piemonte, Italy


Enjoy this marvelous medley of eight grape varieties: Cabernet
Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Bonarda,
and Albarossa. The latter 5 are native to the northern Italian
region of Piedmont, which has a rich winemaking tradtion. Each
grape contributes its unique charm, resulting in a wine that's a
harmonious symphony of flavors.
Tasting notes: dark cherry, blackberry, and a bit of red fruit.
Texture is plush with a balanced soft finish.


$12.99 750ml | $10.39 by the case

Case of 12 $124.68

Old School Reisling.jpg

Carl Ehrhard Riesling “Old School” 2021

Rheingau, Germany


Crafted by the charming fifth-generation winemaker, Carl, this wine is
a tribute to the "Old School" approach, embracing organic farming,
spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts, and a bold disregard for
the constraints imposed on Germany's winemakers since the 1970s.
Carl's wines are nothing short of lip-smackingly delicious.


Tasting Notes: Subtle off-dry character, boasting flavors of Granny
Smith apple, yellow peach, fre
sh parsley, and a distinct mineral

$23.99 750ml | $19.19 by the case

Case of 12 $230.28

Silk and Spice Red.jpg

Silk & Spice Red Blend 2021



Silk and Spice, the Portuguese red blend, offers an enticing
experience with its lush aromas of ripe red berries, warm baking
spices, and a subtle hint of vanilla. The palate delights in velvety
tannins embracing flavors of black cherries, plums, and a touch
of cocoa, culminating in a smoot
h, enduring finish that is truly
as silky as it is spicy—a wine that perfectly embodies its name.


$12.99 750ml | $10.39 by the case

Case of 12 $124.68

Decoy Sauv Blanc.jpg

Decoy Sauvignon Blanc 2021



This crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc draws you in with tantalizing aromas of pineapple, Meyer lemon, green apple, lime zest, and flint. On the palate, lovely underlying acidity enlivens the zesty citrus flavors, culminating in a bright and energetic lemon-lime finish.

SALE $14.99 750ml | Regular $20.99

Little Sheep of California.jpg

The Little Sheep Cabernet Sauvignon 2020



"The Little Sheep" is a remarkable California Cabernet that
captures the essence of quality winemaking without breaking the
bank. With a rich blend of ripe blackberry and cassis flavors,
beautifully complemented by hints of vanilla and cedar from oak
aging, this wine offers outstanding value. Though it's not from
Napa Valley, it still showcases the excellence of California
winemaking, making it an affordable gem worth savoring.

$12.99 750ml | $10.39 by the case

Case of 12 $124.68

Haut Fresne.jpg

Domaine du Haut Fresne Gamay 2022

Loire Valley, France


Transport yourself to the french countryside with a simple roast
chicken and a bottle of this wine. Made by two brothers at their
family estate - farmed with great respect for the earth but not
certified organic.


Tasting notes: Bright red raspberry, bing cherry and strawberry
on the nose. O
n the palate it is energetic with livley acid -
which works great with poultry or pizza.

$14.99 750ml | $11.99 by the case

Case of 12 $143.90


Domaine Bousquet Cab.jpg

Bousquet Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Mendoza, Argentina


Known for its dedication to organic winemaking and value,
Domaine Bousquet presents a striking expression of Cabernet
Sauvignon. This wine showcases the rich terroir of the Uco
Valley in Argentina with bold blackberry and cassis notes,
wrapped in hints of cedar and spice. With a commitment to
sustainability, every sip of Bousquet Cabernet is not only
delicious but also a toast to eco-friendly viticulture.

SALE $8.99 750ml | Regular $11.99

Fiorito Pinot.jpg

Fiorito Pinot Grigio 2021


Crisp and refreshing! This our favorite house
Pinot with alot of fresh citrus aromas and a clean
AND flavorful finish.

2 for $14.99 | Regular $9.99

Mix and Match with other wines in the 2 for $14.99 section

Rubus Shiraz.jpg

Rubus Shiraz 2021

Barossa, Australia

A velvety red wine brimming with dark fruit
flavors and a hint of spice, delivering an
exceptional experience without compromise.

2 for $14.99 | Regular $9.99

Mix and Match with other wines in the 2 for $14.99 section

Vin Gris Rubus.jpg

Rubus Vin Gris Rose 2021

Corbieres, France

Bright aromas of watermelon, strawberry, orange citrus. The
bold pink color says all. Super refreshing finish. Dry

$11.99 Buy 1 Get 1 Free

($5.99 when you buy 2 bottles or more)

mix and match with other BOGO wines

take 50% Off listed regular price

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