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$69.99 750ml Bottle • 3 Bottles @ $64.99 • 6+ Bottles @ $62.99




Bottled at Barrel Proof

Proof 119.56

59.78% ABV

Aged 5 Years

Barreled: 6/18/2015 

Bottled: 7/14/2020

Mashbill: 72% Corn, 22% Rye, 6% Malted Barley

192 Bottles Produced


We have tasted a bunch of "craft" Bourbon in the last few years, it seems that a new distillery pops up every day.  Most of these bottlings are what you would expect from newbies: that is, products that cannot compete with the big guys.  Often the young whiskies these small producers make are packaged in expensive glass, but the product is simply lacking.  Often is starts with distillate that is green and corn forward.  It ends with not enough oak or time in oak.  We have thus stayed away from craft distillery single barrels.  Until now.


Since Woodinville hit the Maryland market in February, it was one of our new favorites in the Bourbon category.  You may be familiar with their fantastic 90 proof Bourbon, which sells for a very reasonable $35, we also carry their Rye.  When Woodinville presented us with samples from their brand new single barrel program, we were hesitant due to the price, but after tasting five different terrific and unique barrels, we were sure that it was a great pick.  We loved every single sample they gave us.  I cannot say the same for some BIG NAME allocated barrel programs.  Despite the age of these single barrels (all were around 5 years) they were polished, with nice color, beautiful complete aromatics (both from good quality distillate, barrels and maturation) and finally, despite the high proof, gentle finishes.  Can I promise you this is a steal of deal? No, but I can promise you that after you learn their story and crack a bottle you will be delighted and impressed.


Woodinville is the dream of two life long best friends, who before the whiskey boom, decided they wanted to risk everything to go into business with each other and make Bourbon.  In 2008, Brett Carlile, a construction supply salesman, and Orlin Sorensen, a commercial airline pilot, cashed in their 401Ks, sold their houses and took out small business loans (not easy to do during the recession) to build their dream distillery.  They were the first to hire a brand new whiskey making consultant, Dave Pickerell, to help them learn the process.  For those of you who don't know the name, the late great Pickerell, besides being the master distiller and commander-in-chief at Maker's Mark for 14 years, went on to be the most prolific and well known craft distilling consultant in the US.  He championed names like Whistle Pig, FEW, Widow Jane and Hillrock, with over 100 more distilleries on his resume, he forever changed the game. 


One of the most unique attributes of this project is that it is "Farm to Glass."  This means the distillery has a direct connection with the farm that grows all of the grain for their whiskeys.  Most big distilleries buy bulk grain, on a massive scale.  Woodinville buys from a single family owned farm in Eastern Washington state.  In addition to using the grain from that site, they also built rickhouses on the farm, and age all of the whiskeys there.  The distillery is located near Seattle, where the climate is cool and wet.  The farm is located in the Columbia Valley, known for fine wine production, because it is hot and dry. The Cascade Mountains act as a rain barrier, and thus the Columbia Valley is a high dessert. Extreme diurnal temperature swings, make aging whiskey here more favorable.  Temperature swings and low humidity cause the barrels to swell and contract, and for evaporation and the infamous "Angel's Share."  In Kentucky the average barrel of Bourbon loses 25% of its contents to evaporation in the first 5 years, at Woodinville they lose 30%.  What they lack in time they make up for with climate.


The still at Woodinville is a custom made copper hybrid pot and column still made by Kothe in Stuttgart, Germany.  This still has no computers so all distillation decisions are done the old-fashioned way: by taste and smell.  The still can produce 2 barrels a day, so when they say it is a small batch operation, they can back it up. The friends' first distillate came off the still in 2010, and went directly into barrels made just for them at Independent Stave's facility in Missouri.  These 18 month seasoned, heavy toast and heavy char (#4) barrels have become the base for many craft distillers in the US.  Quality oak is important, and you can taste it in this whiskey.


Nose: Spice forward with light cigar tobacco, orange peel, nutmeg and cinnamon icing. 


Palate: The spice is accented by the alcohol, which is relatively subtle and warming. A splash of water really helps bring out more cinnamon, baking spices, toffee, and rye character on the finish.  Sweetness lingers and the finish is long.

$69.99 750ml Bottle • 3 Bottles @ $64.99 • 6+ Bottles @ $62.99


Pappy Van Winkle 15 raffle fine print:  If you buy a bottle of Woodinville Single Barrel before November 2nd, you may fill out a form for a chance to win a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15 year old Bourbon sold at $.01.  1 entry for every bottle of Woodinville Midway Single Barrel Purchased.  No returns of Woodinville SB bought before November 1st will be allowed after the drawing.  The drawing will be done on November 2nd, and one winner will be selected. 

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